Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Who doesn't like Jane Austen movies?

Well, I know I do! I wish I could say I've read a whole Jane Austen novel all the way through though. But for now, the movies they make from those wonderful stories will do!
Months and months ago, my nephew and I were watching BBC's version of Emma. I was getting a little sleepy, so I had to stop the movie and send him home and finish the rest the next day. We stopped at the place where Mr. Knightly, after another somewhat tense conversation with Emma, walks out in the moonlight. The cinematography is that movie is fabulous!
Well, the next day when my nephew came back over to finish the movie, he told me he had wrote almost an entire song that night! Something to do with moonlight! When I asked where he got that idea he told me he didn't really know. "You don't remember the last scene of Emma before you went home?" "The moonlit scene?"
I must have been drawing on that movie too, when I created this photograph!

And, the beautiful bride to be in this photo, totally loves Jane Austen too!

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  1. I also love Jane Austen's novels. Two hundred years on and Jane's writing is so fresh and vibrant. I feel I would enjoy sitting down over a cup of tea with Jane and swap gossip and share our lives. If only time travel were possible!

    Your moonlight romance does capture the essence of Emma's moment with Mr. Knightly. The blue glow sets the faces alight.